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Hybrid Tech is a professional cannabis and hemp design and engineering firm. We provide professionally licensed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services with over 160 completed cultivation and processing facilities across the United States and Canada.

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What Our Clients Say

  • “The thoughtful engineering and remarkable quality of service and care that Hybrid Tech offers has in numerous projects made the critical difference in the overall design and function of our facility.
    Jeremy Plumb
    Pruf Cultivar
  • “Hybrid Tech has been an asset for my clientele that have needed to match efficiency with effective design.
    Nelson Lindsley
    Poetry of Plants
  • “I recommend Hybrid Tech as a consulting firm for the planning stages of any serious cannabis facility projects.”
    Jennifer Martin
    California Marijuana Consulting
  • “Amazing to work with. Promptly answers questions, extreme attention to detail, and made the whole process very easy. With any projects coming up in the future I will be reaching out to them first. Thank you for the great experience.”
    Adam Jacques
    Grower's Guild Gardens

Our Engineering Ecosystem

Developing a cannabis cultivation facility requires an incredible amount of complexity coordinating dozens of different contractors and engineers. Our team of experienced professionals manage this process to create each client's ideal facility.

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Mechanical Engineers

HVAC system plumbing prints, thermal load calculations, energy rebate facilitation and modeling.

Electrical Engineers

System analysis, load calculations, utility upgrades, energy rebate facilitation, lighting plans, and full prints.


Building a cannabis facility is a complex endeavor which requires simultaneous coordination of multiple industry informed disciplines and processes.

Without experience in cannabis system design, it’s a challenge for any entrepreneur to successfully create a new cannabis operation. Cannabis facilities must be efficiently designed and built with the right equipment to survive increasing competition and decreasing prices.

Without proper facility planning from the start, projects quickly run out of funding with costly necessary repairs and renovations that could have been avoided by having proper initial design and engineering.

Moreover, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements virtually ensure an ongoing challenge for business owners. These regulatory hurdles can destroy a project before it can even get off the ground. As a result, most cannabis cultivation and processing projects fail.

Hybrid Tech brings together the diverse professional skill sets required to complete a full cannabis facility project. We provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs that invariably encounter regulatory requirements as they enter the market.

This method provides for a collaborative project management experience between disciplines and leverages our years of Cannabis System Design experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1We have a large, complicated project. Can you help with that?
Yes! We love large, complex projects. Our suite of engineers have completed over 160 cannabis & hemp projects across the US and Canada, including high-tech, multi-acre cultivation and extraction facilities.Tell us more about your project in the intake form at the bottom of our homepage!
2Can you help us get a cannabis license?
Hybrid Tech has substantial experience with winning high-contest license applications and preparing well reviewed no-contest license applications across the U.S. & Canada.We can provide the full MEP services required for these permit sets and construction, including HD renderings of your facility to give your application visual and narrative appeal. We provide timelines and construction cost estimators along with narratives on the permitting and construction process.Our robust network of specialty consultants includes technical writing for research, processing, manufacturing, cultivation, community impact, diversity and compliance.Check out our Project Showcase to see some of our past winners.
3Do you provide services for extraction facilities?
Yes! Most of our clients prefer to include extraction into their business models, as vertically integrated operations tend to be more competitive than strictly cultivation operations.As part of our initial feasibility study, we can provide a PhD analysis of your project's viability in conjunction with a process train engineering package to determine best practices, viable throughput, CAPEX and OPEX report.
4Do you provide services for Hemp and CBD processing facilities?
Yes! We've completed several hemp processing facilities and receive new inquiries every day. The international CBD sector is heating up, and we're here to help you capitalize on it!
5Could you assist us in determining cost and timelines for a project in its early stages?
Yes! One of our most common projects is known as a Feasibility Study. We'll gather all primary factors such as site requirements, jurisdictional requirements, and process concepts. Then, we figure out roughly how much the project will cost, and determine how long it will take. When we're done, you receive a full by-phase analysis of potential cost and time.
6Why should we pick Hybrid Tech instead of another firm?
Hybrid Tech is the leading design and engineering firm for the cannabis and hemp industries. We have pioneered Cannabis & Hemp System Design methodologies which meld cannabis and hemp specific design elements with complex engineering and architectural requirements.Our group has custom tools, project metrics and calculations that are exclusive for Hybrid Tech clients. Our robust colleague network can also provide reliable referrals for every aspect of your project. Our project management capabilities are a cut above the competition, and our easy retainer & hourly rate system ensures you aren't spending unnecessary capital.
7Another firm provided me with a quote - Can you match it?
We are happy to match competitor quotes! We caution that competitor firms will often "bid low" to attract you, and fail to account for a project's full scope. Our scope is often more robust, and our estimates are often within 10-15% of final project costs.
8Is it best to do a ground-up build, or retrofit an existing facility?
It depends on your specific project. There are many variables that go into a facility plan. A retrofit is typically a faster process than a ground-up build, but may not necessarily cost less money. Many retrofit projects meet with unexpected issues along the way, usually in compliance with modern code requirements.
9We're using a particular type of cultivation or extraction method. Can you design around that?
Certainly! We have worked with numerous cultivation and extraction methods, and are happy to accommodate your preferred methods into the design. If you do not have a preferred method, our experienced colleague network can provide you with best practices and recommendations to get you started.
10We need to fix a critical issue with our facility right now. Can you help with that?
Engineering takes time. We recommend getting in touch with us several weeks in advance of your project's start date.Before your project begins, you'll have an initial consult, receive your project's estimate, sign your contract, and fill your retainer. Often, projects take two or more weeks to start from the initial date of contact.
11Do you help build facilities?
Hybrid Tech will consult through the build-phase of your project, but we do not provide contracting services. We recommend sourcing a local contractor with a good reputation and familiarity with local building and safety requirements.If requested, we will provide consultation on contractor selection to ensure the best fit for your project. Most of a project's costs go to your contractor, so choose wisely!

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