Last week, several cannabis entrepreneurs gathered to announce the launch of the Oregon Hub – one part high-end cannabis farm and part research center.


Hybrid Tech CEO Dan Gustafik was on hand for the event, and expressed his thoughts on the momentous event, “We are very fortunate to be at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Oregon Hub; a revolutionary cannabis research campus. It’s wonderful to see one of our most advanced greenhouse designs being piloted by the amazing Newcleus Nursery team. “


We eagerly await the construction phase of this project and the implementation of our other clients projects on the Oregon Hub campus.


Special thanks to the Prins greenhouse team for one of the most beautiful glass greenhouses and the Team at Fluence Biosciences for the cutting edge lighting as well as the Zwarts team for yet another elegant irrigation and table system.


You can check out event coverage from KGW8 below and the article here.