Hybrid Tech was born from extensive projects in industrial and commercial electrical and lighting installations; as well as multiple marijuana production facilities. 19 Years ago, the founder designed and built his first marijuana growing facility. He then went on to work on one of the first dispensaries in CA. Through trial and error and innovation in technology, system designs evolved. In the following years, clients needs expanded to complete electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil, structural, architectural, Geo-technical and surveyors. With over 90 cannabis specific projects completed, Hybrid tech is the culmination of years of licensed experience into a single entity.

Founder Dan Gustafik’s professional field experience ranges from managing the electrical design/build division in a commercial lighting and systems control company, to owning and operating his own electrical contracting, engineering and HVAC business.  Now in 2016, Hybrid Tech holds several patent pending system designs along with full system design, stamped engineering, equipment sales with financing and build consultation services.  The cannabis industry is lacking in knowledgeable engineers who know all marijuana process requirements. Hybrid Tech is the industry’s first dedicated cannabis systems engineering company.

The full range of our field experience allows us to be knowledgeable throughout every step of your project.  At Hybrid Tech, no job is too small or too big, from upgrading the small grow in your residence to fabricating a large-scale operation such as our Hybrid Model greenhouses.  Our unique in-house knowledge and licensed professional team allows us to provide you with the attention and detail your project requires.  We have worked tirelessly to develop relationships with local municipalities, energy trade organizations, equipment vendors and financing companies that allow us to work seamlessly from start to finish; eliminating barriers quickly along the way.  We specialize in working with each client to design and consult on your facility to your specifications and satisfaction.

We are glad you are here and look forward to your call to discuss how to meet your needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have.