The Hybrid Model

Hybrid Tech has taken the sustainable greenhouse industry to another level with the development of its patent pending Hybrid Model. This new design is a unique facility that uses artificial and natural light to decrease energy use by up to 53% while maintaining output.

Build Consultations and Services

At Hybrid Tech we can consult on your build from your existing prints or prepare a set of new prints in record time. Our CAD modeling team can produce a set of structural, mechanical and electrical prints drawn to your specs and stamped by our professional engineers or you can use our field proven designs. Hybrid Tech has over a decade of experience working with general, mechanical, electrical, security and plumbing contractors.  We can also refer you to our extensive network of contractors and facility maintenance staff.  Additionaly, we provide in-house diagnostic services such as thermography, energy efficiency evaluations, LEED certification and more.

Now with Measure 91 and I-502 compliant security systems. Let our team help you push your project through the red tape and into reality.

New custom rolling stainless table design eliminates center walkway until you need it.

The Hybrid Model

The Hybrid model is a blend of existing greenhouse and indoor technologies into a single high performance format. The advantage of this model is having an outdoor closed system greenhouse facility utilizing both natural sunlight and daylight harvesting artificial light to grow the highest grade indoor quality cannabis. Heat recovery systems recapture indoor space thermal load to heat the greenhouse year round. The Hybrid Model can also be applied to existing buildings where a transparent roof material is utilized, thereby supplementing sunlight with heat recovery and lowering the energy usage of the structure.

The Hybrid Model (patent pending) can be applied to existing structures or built as a stand alone facility.

New builds have decreased energy usage and decrease build costs. Return on investment on the last 60,000 sq. ft. traditional canopy build was 23 months. The Hybrid Model (patent pending) ROI for a 60,000 sq. ft. canopy build is estimated at 11 months. (ROI based on 2014 models and is regionally specific. ROI is provided for demonstration purposes only and will vary greatly based on factors such as utility costs, rentals, labor costs, regional product pricing, etc.)

  • 47% decrease in build time.
  • 53% decrease in energy use.
  • 50% increased ROI and full facility ownership vs leasing.
  • 100% maintained production level.

By the Numbers


Maintained Production Level

  • Reduction in Energy Use 53%
  • Decrease in Build Time 47%
  • Time to ROI (versus traditional build) 50%

Working with Hybrid Tech

Equipment Financing

At Hybrid tech we provide the design and the stamped construction documents you need for permitting, however many of our clients ask us about equipment financing packages. With our standard term lease to own package’s we have bundled chiller plants, standard HVAC, de-humidification equipment, LED lights, water skids, high speed doors and more. Ask us about a financing bundle today for your project.

Rebate Options

Hybrid Tech is a member of the WPUDA, a trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon and has faclitated rebates in many other states. Rebates are available on your project, covering up to 35% of total job cost. Rebates cover LED lights, controls, HVAC, insulation and more. Our LEED engineers can investigate your rebate options for your project.

Our Experience

Hybrid tech has been designing and building cannabis facilities since 1996. Our experience includes twelve light facilities all the way up to the largest MMRP industrial plant in Canada. Our focus is the cannabis sector with patent pending methods of cannabis facility engineering and over 90 projects completed. Our engineers have diverse experiences, from the largest and most cutting edge cannabis facilities, to the largest and most advanced semiconductor facility in the world and the largest data center ever built.

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