Today we’d like to share some great ways cannabis cultivators can save money through energy efficiency. Many cultivators aren’t aware that there are significant incentives to growing in an efficient way. Energy efficiency will obviously benefit your power bill, but there are also substantial rebates available for building your facility with the right features and products.

Q: What are some incentives available for energy efficient cannabis growers?

A: The most rebated indoor items are: LED lights, chiller plants with cooling towers, insulation and controls. Greenhouses can receive sizable rebates for high efficiency boilers, high efficiency HVAC, shade curtains, controllers and more.

Q: How big are the rebates that are available? How much money can a cultivator save with these?

A: The last LED installation in Oregon we facilitated rebates on provided 35% of the lighting cost in rebates. Chiller plants can also deliver KWH savings high enough to receive 30% and more of purchase price in rebates. Combining all the rebates on some projects clients have been rebated up to 1/3 of the project cost.


The right facilities equipment can help maximize your energy efficiency

Q: What are some products you’d recommend for a cultivator looking to be highly energy efficient?

A: The best products for any cultivar are efficient and effective. Right now, the top LED lighting brand seems to be Fluence bio engineering with 2.15 Umol/j efficiency.  Fluence is followed by illumitex, Bios, and LSG. Chillers plants are now at .5KW/Ton or better with Trane and York competing for the top spot. Geothermal central systems are incredibly efficient but most of our clients don’t appreciate the higher price tag.

If we are talking about greenhouses, then heat recovery is key. The Daikin VRV is a fantastic system for our smaller clients. Medium to large clients require dedicated heat recovery chillers for nearly free greenhouse nighttime heating.

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Thermal testing of Fluence Biotechnology lights

Q: How does Hybrid Tech help cultivators grow in an energy efficient way?

A: We have multiple LEED certified engineers on staff and provide an electrical usage form with every design. Clients are given multiple options to demonstrate the difference between LED lights and HPS/CMH on their project. One of the most eye opening experiences for many growers is the difference in build out cost when we factor in 45% more cooling and electrical feeders cost. The last project was only 15% more for the client to use LED products from the start.  We can work closely with them to engineer the most efficient system for their budget.

See rebate options and eligibility requirements from the Energy Trust of Oregon below!


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