Hybrid Tech is proud to announce that on Wednesday July 20th, President Dan Gustafik will speak at the Imperious Expo in Tacoma, Washington. With over 20 years of experience working on industrial power and controls, clean rooms, server centers and cannabis production facilities, Hybrid Tech brings a uniquely robust skillset to the cannabis industry that we are eager to share with our colleagues at the Imperious Expo.

“Events like the Imperious Expo are great for us because we get to have some face-to-face time with some of the best cultivators in the country. Since we’re one of the few CEA (controlled environment agriculture) design and engineering firms in the country that is dedicated to cannabis, we are able to really bring much needed industry specific knowledge to cultivation projects,” said Gustafik. “Our focus is on really optimizing the cultivator’s work by designing and engineering the best systems, products, and facilities in the market. We want folks to be able to grow and produce exceptional product efficiently and effectively using the latest technology at a price they can afford.”

Gustafik will take the stage on Wednesday, July 20th at the Imperious Expo. Click here for information about the show, and make sure to Like & Retweet us for a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets! We’ll see you in Tacoma!

Dan Gustafik Speaking Imperious