Join us this week in beautiful Santa Rosa, California for CannaCon Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds! On April 20th, Hybrid Tech’s President, Dan Gustafik will join the “Emerging Tech in Cannabis” panel to discuss key technical differences between greenhouse and facility builds, as well as some of the revolutionary LED lighting technology now available to cannabis cultivars.

Session info:

Emerging Tech in Cannabis: Cultivation & Applied Technology

  • April 20 @ 13:30
  • 130 pm – 230 pm 1h
  • Room Two

As the cannabis market flourishes, it is fertile ground for emerging technologies. While states are expanding medical and recreational programs, more companies are deploying research and development in the cannabis sector than ever before. Dan Gustafik, the founder of Hybrid Tech cannabis design and engineering firm, has been on the inside track of these technological developments. During this session, he will explore existing efficient, economical tech along with revolutionary new innovations coming online and on the horizon. Topics will include hydronically cooled LED lighting, multi-layer canopy systems, advanced semi-closed synergistic greenhouse designs, system automation, and implementation of these new technologies in cutting edge cannabis systems.


  • Audience will be given an overview of some of the technical differences between greenhouse and facility builds, the latest technology and what growers should be looking for in the most modern facilities.
  • Audience will understand the importance of planning prior to construction of a cannabis facility
  • Audience will understand the importance of utilizing professional engineers through both planning and building of the facility.