If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a cannabis cultivation operation in the state of Oregon, you’ll need to get familiar with something called a Land Use Compatibility Statement.

Some helpful FAQ from the OLCC’s LUCS form:

What is a land use compatibility statement (LUCS)? The LUCS is a form used by a state agency and local government to determine whether a land use proposal is consistent with local government’s comprehensive plan and land use regulations.

Why is a LUCS required? OLCC and other state agencies with permitting or approval activities that affect land use are required by Oregon law to be consistent with local comprehensive plans and to have a process for determining consistency. Section 34(4)(a) of 2015 Oregon Laws, Chapter 614, requires OLCC to request and obtain the LUCS and have a positive LUCS prior to issuing a license.

When is a LUCS required? A LUCS is required for all proposed marijuana facilities before an OLCC license can be obtained. How to complete a LUCS:

  • Step 1: Applicant completes Section 1 of this form and submits it to the appropriate city or county planning office. Applicant verifies with local jurisdiction whether additional forms, applications, or permits are required.
  • Step 2: Local jurisdiction completes Section 2 of this form indicating whether the proposed use is compatible with the acknowledged comprehensive plan and land use regulations and returns signed and dated form to the applicant. • Applicant completes payment to local jurisdiction for processing application.
  • Step 3: Applicant submits this date-stamped form and any supporting information provided by the city or county to the OLCC with the license application. This form may be submitted while Section 2 is in process with the local governing body

Depending on your county, the LUCS applications will require scent and acoustic control plan for approval. That’s where we come in!

Our firm specializes in bringing together the diverse expertise required to produce a timely and thorough scent and acoustic plan for submission with your LUCS application. These typically take between 2-4 weeks for our standard package and 3-6 weeks for custom packages that integrate existing systems or require additional engineering.

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