Hydronically Cooled LED Lighting

Hybrid Tech has taken the sustainable greenhouse industry to the next level by partnering with Lemnis Oreon; the premier manufacturer of hydronic-cooled LED lighting solutions in the world. Hydronic cooling will add all of the light you need for your grow without all of the heat generally associated with grow lights.

Lemnis Oreon has the highest efficiency of any commercial fixture with 2.72 uMol/Joule

Product Features

  • Housing material Aluminium
  • Finishing Anodized/ Antifouling powder coating RAL 9010 (dirt repellent)
  • Optics materials High transmission glass with AR coating on both sides (transmission >98%)
  • Radiation angle 140°
  • Protection degree LED compartment IP67 (dust and watertight) Lamps can be cleaned by using pressurized water, the complete electrical circuit is sealed and waterproof.
  • Impact resistance housing IK10
  • Impact resistance glass IK07
  • Five supplemental greenhouse spectrum’s available Red, Low Blue, Medium Blue, High Blue, and Extreme Blue
  • One full spectrum solution available 
  • Fixture dimming 0-10V

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The best indicator for fixture efficiency Vs cost is uMol/joule and dollar/uMol.

Here is a quick breakdown on how the top LED greenhouse fixtures compare:

Oreon Grow Light 2.1



Fluence VYPRX Plus



PL Hortitop



Illimutex Power harvest



With 2.72 uMol/joule and $.53 uMol/dollar the Oreon Grow Light 2.1 simply has the best fixture efficiency versus leading competitors.

More about the Oreon Grow Light 2.1

The Oreon Grow Light 2.1 has 2.72 Umol/joule efficacy, the highest in the industry. It also has 0-10V dimming for active daylight harvesting and sunrise sunset mimicking, with five greenhouse spectrum to choose from and one indoor spectrum. The fixtures impact on the cultivation chamber is revolutionary. Fixtures impart up to 61.7% of their energy into the cooling circuit, removing most of the heat from the cultivation chambers.

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