Hey everyone,

We wanted to dispel some rumors we’ve been hearing from various growers and entrepreneurs in local municipalities expressing concern that the State of Oregon (and county level jurisdictions) might restrict or “cap” the amount of approved recreational producer licenses, or Land Use Compatibility Statements.

Our representatives have recently had conversations with both the OLCC and local county authorities, and have concluded these rumors are entirely false.

At this time, we can find no evidence that local and state governments will artificially restrict the amount of cannabis production in the state. It is more likely that, as supply of product rises to meet demand, the price of cannabis will fall and the market will sort itself out in a way that meets demand for consumers. That being said, we believe there are still several years of viability for entrepreneurs getting into the market.

The MJBiz Factbook states that just 57% of outdoor growers and 80% of indoor growers meet break-even or better. While you can never guarantee success in starting a business, we believe that Oregon still has lots of room for savvy growers to make their mark!

We’ll continue to monitor local Authority-Having-Jurisdictions and notify you of major changes to the regulatory landscape. We appreciate your business and are proud to help build the next great American industry.

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Dan Gustafik,
President & Founder
Hybrid Tech, LLC