Professional Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineering:

  • Marijuana cultivation process thermal load calculations; latent and sensible
  • HVAC system analysis, design and complete sealed mechanical prints for plans review
  • Electrical system analysis, security & data systems, load calculations and full prints
  • Floor plan with use and egress from licensed architect
  • Structural analysis and full sealed structural prints for plans review
  • Field engineering for existing facilities using state of the art methods such as HVAC Hydronic TAB procedures and Thermography.
  • Energy efficiency analysis with facilitation of any possible local utility company rebates.Multiple LEED engineers on staff.
  • BIM (building information modeling), CAD (computer aided design) and/or standard hard copy prints with state certified professional engineering stamp.
  • Prints submitted to each proper JHA (jurisdiction having authority) in your area; from plans review to build permits issued.
A Hybrid Tech Indoor Cultivation Facility

Cannabis specific process engineering; these services include:

  • State required application materials: floor plan, unofficial site plan, water usage forms, electrical usage forms, security overlay, mechanical stamp, odor and acoustic engineering.
  • Calculating plant lifespan management with custom process equipment
  • Industry best practices including custom climate control, CO2 distribution, lighting canopy design, pest management, indoor/outdoor rolling benches, multi-tier systems, mobile multi- tier systems, high pressure cleaning systems, custom drying racks and automated irrigation systems
  • Life and safety systems including proprietary UL924 design
  • Security Systems compliant with measure your local municipalities requirements
  • Experience with system design and engineering on over 160 cannabis projects across the US and Canada as of 2020
  • Reasonable order of magnitude (ROM) calculations and opinion of cost sheets with takeoffs for each design version
  • Ability to partner with existing build teams for specific build consultation, offering specific MEP only with owner providing Architectural services
  • Mechanical, electrical and structuural engineering staff can acquire professional license in any state within 90 days
  • Full set-points for cannabis transpiration and perspiration rates generating accurate thermal load calculations

Working with Hybrid Tech

Our Experience

Hybrid Tech has over 160 completed projects with more in engineering phase; our numbers of satisfied clients grow every day. We also provided engineering for the first I-502 Vancouver fire marshals permit for an extraction unit.

Hybrid tech has been designing and building cannabis facilities since 1996. Our experience includes twelve light facilities all the way up to a 400,000 sq. ft. Commercial farm. Our focus is the cannabis sector with patent-pending methods of cannabis facility engineering. Our engineers deliver proven facility data from the largest and most cutting edge cannabis facilities, the largest and most advanced semiconductor facility in the world and the largest data center ever built.

Rebate Options

Hybrid Tech is a member of many energy rebate organizations and has acquired industry first rebates on many cannabis projects. Rebates are available on your project covering up to 35% of total job cost. Simple A/C component replacement or lighting control installations can yield huge long term energy savings and rebates. Massive savings can be achieved with LED products and Chiller plants mated with cooling towers. Please ask us about potential energy savings on your project!

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Whether you are looking for simple design services or full stamped architectural and engineering prints, we are here to help.