Design + Engineering

Designing a cannabis facility is a complex effort which requires simultaneous coordination of multiple industry informed disciplines and processes. Without experience in cannabis system design, it is a challenge for any entrepreneur to successfully create a new cannabis operation. With licenses in 37 states and over 170 projects completed, The Hybrid Tech team brings the experience your project needs to succeed.
The Hybrid Tech team brings together the diverse professional skill sets required to complete a full cannabis facility project. We provide detailed site audits for existing operations and investors as well as Bridge documents to local architectural and engineering teams.

MEP Engineering




Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers demystify the complex cannabis facility design process.
Our process train engineers live on the cutting edge of cannabis system manufacturing and deliver fully flushed out systems.
Custom architectural designs that enlighten local design build teams, architects and owners with cannabis specific requirements.
Our team provides invaluable code implementation requirements for specialized cannabis systems.

Bridge Documents are documents generated by our cannabis engineering teams for transfer to a local design build company or owner supplied architectural and engineering firm. This is the most expedient and cost effective way of ensuring cannabis systems are designed properly and local code is correctly implemented.

The Hybrid Tech team provides the following specialized cannabis engineering services:

- Design Development level MEP bridge document package with transferable 3D RVT files, full cut sheets, complete equipment pages, classified boundary maps, sequence of operations documents, full systems narrative and system load calculations.

-Design Development level Architectural bridge documents including: Full site design, fire and life safety review, transferable 3D RVT files and building details.

-Design Development Chemical process train design with full equipment cut sheets, process train equipment selection and evaluation, integrated system layouts, process flow diagrams, transferable 3D RVT files and solvent usage maps.

-HMIS reports on the process proposed featuring full code implementation requirements from our fire protection engineers.

-Provide a full plan audit for existing construction level drawings reviewing for cannabis systems functionality.  

-Provide a full site audit of existing systems and with a deficiency's and recommendations report.