Scientific Approach

A Scientific Approach to Cannabis Design and Engineering

Our commitment is to exist on the leading edge of science and technology and integrate this knowledge into every project. Our cannabis-specific knowledge of how the chemistry, equipment, technology, and systems are interwoven into the cultivation and extraction processes is a key differentiator in the value we provide our clients.

No matter the type of structure you are building or the end-product you desire, our team of engineers and PhD chemists will work with you to custom-design your facility from product development and formulation to equipment selection and commissioning.

A scientific approach to cannabis consulting

What we can do for you:

  • Complete application project written content including: Architectural, structural and MEP building design with 4k rendering packages , PhD leads, Cultivators, Tissue Culture, QAQC, Testing, Security, Packaging design, Diversity, Project cost and more
  • Process train design with equipment selection and evaluation, integrated system layouts, on-site equipment implementation and training, SOP and methodology development
  • Architectural bridge documents from our NCARB certified Architectural team to your local Architect 
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, FPE and Structural bridge documents to transfer to your local team 
  • Certifications such as cGMP, GMP, ISO and more
  • Site Audits of existing systems to increase production or evaluate capital investment costs for improvements
  • Provide a full Owner Project Requirements (OPR) for design builders and other engineering teams with a full 3D Revit file